Tai and Tuo Xing videos (part 1 and 2)

Tai and Tuo Xing videos (part 1 and 2)

As I was reading Glen Board’s exceptional brand-new book Xing Yi: A research of Tai and also Tuo Xing I believed there really needs to be a video of these connecting sequences he’s offering in the book so individuals can see how the moves work and also obtain a flavour of it. I made one myself in a little bit of free time instead of my usual morning practice.

During recording I got a go to from a neighborhood village Peacock (we call him Peter) that made a decision to bless my video with his existence. Tai is the flycatcher, a small to medium bird with a lengthy tail. Currently, while Peter may likewise have a lengthy tale, he’s a huge bird. He would certainly be extra like Chicken Xing (Ji Xing), so he’s a not a perfect fit with Tai, however you have to use what you’ve obtained.


Peter, standing proud. Right here’s the first video: The problem is, (as I found) if you desire make a video clip of animals Xings that if useful for individuals to follow along you need to take a great deal of the character of each pet out, and it becomes a little bit bland and also (risk I say it ….?) more like Tai Chi … So I did another video clip that had much less emphasis on kicked back movement and also precision and even more on sharing the Xing of each pet. Glen explained the Xing well in his publication, yet basically, I’m trying to create even more torsion through the dragon body in Tuo as well as more agility, quantum leap of instructions and also shocking strikes in Tai.

My Xing Yi is constantly an operate in progress, and also I’ve run out the loop with it for a few years, but Glen’s publication has actually motivated me to pick it up once more, so I’m absent myself as a “Laoshi” or professional here or anything, just a glimpse into my individual training. Anyway, right here it is as well as ideally people who purchase the publication will find it practical in some means:

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